Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Day 7

Summer time brings the sweet fragrance of flowers in the air. I have the most fragrant rose bush in my back yard. It isn't anything fancy, just an old rose bush. When I sit on the patio and the breeze is gently blowing, I can smell the beautiful scent of the roses. I dug up a shoot the other night and potted it, hoping that it will survive so I can plant a new rose bush soon. In my younger days I did't have much luck with growing roses. It wasn't until moving into this house did I have any luck. Not that I can really call it luck. I don't do much to it. Just prune it every now and then. It could be that the bush had already been growing for many years or if it is because it is an old bush and not a hybrid or one that has been engineered for beauty. All I do know is that I love this rose bush and the scent of rose that it produces year after year. Something attacks it every spring and it struggles for a month or two but then it wins the battle and thrives. I am thinking about moving it in the fall with hopes that what ever eats it in the spring won't find it next year. Anyway, I hope you enjoy my day 7 photo.


Jamie's Project 365 said...

Very beautiful Donna! Good luck on moving it.

Cyndisproject365 said...

Gorgeous Donna, your editing is fantastic!