Monday, April 30, 2012

Taraxacum a.k.a Dandelion

Today's post is on a weed.  Although it is a weed and is rather annoying to people who want a perfect lawn, this plant is pretty.  Have you ever looked close up at one.  It is amazing to see.  Unfortunately the photo that I wish to put on here to show you what I mean, isn't on this computer.  Actually not sure where it is.  Could be on my husbands computer or it is on my external hard drive that houses 90% of my photo's.

After dinner I went out to compose a photo but the wonderful New York weather changed my plans.  I only had a few moments before it started to rain on me.  So I took what I could and came in and played around with a few photo's.  Here is today's photo with a little added "highlights".

Upon reading about this plant, I discovered that it has more uses than just eating... Not that I enjoyed eating the greens as a child.  But their leaves are full of vitamins, their roots contain a drug that is used in treating the liver and you can make wine from the flowers.  Wonder what that tastes like.  Hope it doesn't taste like the greens...Their seeds are eaten by many birds.  Oh and it isn't a native plant here in the United States.  It came from Europe.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Cub Scout Derby Race

Tonight was the derby race for our sons cub scout pack.  The boys made their cars pretty much by themselves,  they had very little help from anyone.  Overall they did a good job.   But there is only one winner and neither of them was that person.  At the end of the race it is heartbreaking to see all the young boys with their sad faces and some even crying because they didn't win. There were parents trying to console their boys but it really wasn't helping.  Telling them that they are winners for just competing.  Didn't really cut it in the boys eyes.  They see the big and shiny trophy and dream of taking it home with them only to have their dreams dashed.  But the boys took it better this year than last and are already planning on what they are going to do different next year.  Since only one boy out of 50 or so will win for having the fastest car, they are shifting their sights for one of the other trophy's...  fastest looking, most patriotic, or most original.  It would be nice if they could get their little block of pine a little sooner so they could be working on it and taking their time.  They waited so long to get going this time that the last coat of paint was going on three hours before it was time to be at the race for weigh in.  Next year things need to be done a bit different.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


The European Starling
I saw a bird using the bird house that my son Nicolas built. I set my camera up and waited for the bird to come back... waited some more... and then had to go to work. But while waiting this bird flew down, took some straw from the dog house and landed on the wire. So to make the waiting in the cold this morning somewhat worth it, I took a photo of it. But this is not my favorite bird in the back yard by any means. It is rather cool that it is speckled and then in the summer it turns a shiny purple black. That moves it up the favorite list, just a little. So this evening I took my "Birds of New York" book down off the shelf and read up a little on the bird. I found out that it actually sings and can mimic other birds and sounds so that makes me like it just a bit more. Some nice soul from Europe thought that New York City needed this bird. So back in 1890-1891 they introduced it to the area. Must be they liked the bird and couldn't bear to leave it behind.

I have been researching ways to keep it out of my feeder so the birds that I want to see can actually get the seed. Looks like I need to set up bird feeders with the food that they like and in the other feeders, put the foods that they don't. Also need to put those feeders away from the others, preferably on the outside edge of the property. This weekend looks to be a wash as far as the weather is concerned so I won't be doing it then. But the first nice weekend or weekday when I have more than just a few moments, I will be setting it up in hopes that it works.

I hope to get photo's of other birds and record what I have learned about them over the course of the spring, summer and fall. Maybe over the upcoming winter as well.

Monday, April 2, 2012

April 1st - reflection of yourself

If you look closely at this photo, in the lower left corner in the big dew droplet, you will see my reflection as I took this photo. I was walking back to the house after walking the boys to the bus and these daffodils looked beautiful with the sunlight shimmering off the dew drops. Just had to grab my camera and get a photo of them. The second photo is of the same bunch. And looked just as lovely!