Saturday, September 12, 2015

One of my daughters is getting married!  I can't believe I'm typing this... I'm so excited for her and my future son in law.  I also can't wait for the wedding planning to begin.  But before any of that can take place, there needs to be a date!  We were scouting out possible places for the wedding reception on a beautiful Sunday a month ago.  One of the places we looked at was indeed beautiful and had a lot of what she is looking for.  But this location just wasn't meant to be.  While looking at what was offered for the bride and groom, I took many photos.  What better way to remember the day than by looking at the memories of the day.  I recently posted this on my daughters facebook page since they have yet to pick a date, theme, or location..  well anything at this point. haha

So I patiently wait for her, I wait with all the excitement and anticipation for the big day in one of my children's lives.  I know that it will be a beautiful day for them, no matter where the reception is held.  As long as they have each other, it will all be good.