Sunday, July 19, 2009

Day 12

Wow day 12 already. I am impressed with myself that I have not missed a day yet. Although I am finding it a little (just a little) difficult to find things that would be interesting enough to take a photo of. I took about 8 different photo's tonight trying to find something that I wanted to post. I deleted countless photo's. I am posting one of my favorite flowers. The daisy is just simply pretty. It is simple. It doesn't have a wonderful fragrance. It is just a pretty flower. A wildflower some would call it. To me it is a staple in a flower garden. Unfortunately I mowed most of mine before I remembered that that they were in that area. I am glad that I didn't get them all. In a few weeks time I will be having another variety. I will probably use that as a photo of the day as well. I may have to buy some mums this year. I love them as well since they look quite a bit like the daisy. You will probably see a photo of them as well.


Joe said...

Hi Donna,
If you like Daisies, check out my Daisy shot over at SmugMug.

Jamie's Project 365 said...

Very pretty Donna! I agree, they are simple and just lovely to look at.

Denise said...

I love dasies! That was my wedding flower. Such a pretty photo.