Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Day 15

The boys were starving when it was dinner time. Actually before dinner time they were bugging me for apples, banana's, bread, what ever they could get their hands on. I thought that maybe they would actually eat dinner tonight without giving me a hard time. Benjamin was the first to the table. I was still setting it and dh wasn't even home from work and picking up Colin yet. Nicolas realized that Benjamin wasn't in with him and came to look for him. So they were both at the table waiting... They weren't very patient about it either. They got tired of waiting and went to play with their lego's. I took the roast out of the crock pot and put it on a plate and put the potatoes and carrots around it and put it on the table then started on the gravy. At that point dh came home and the chaos started. The boys took one look at dinner and said that they weren't eating because they didn't like it. Don't know how you can not like something that you haven't even tried. It took telling them they wouldn't get ice cream if they didn't eat. Well they ate but weren't very happy about it. Dh on the other hand ate his dinner and then some saying that it was really good and that we need to have it once a week. Boy are the kids going to be unimpressed with that. But maybe they will learn to like it if they have it more. One can hope I guess.

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Jamie's Project 365 said...

I am in the same boat Donna, I don't even offer Hannah what I am making, bad I know, but I am so sick of hearing "I don't like it" when she has never tried it! GRRR!