Thursday, July 30, 2009

Day 23

Tonight we went to the park with the boys. They had a great time. We went for a mini nature walk. Was meant to be longer but we weren't the only people on the trail and they were loud. This is my wonderful husband and the boys on the trail.

Once we were off the trail and heading back to the park, the boys found this.

A sign of what is to come.... I love autumn but not quite ready for it. Summer has only just arrived.

The last two are of my little boys. They are so sweet. After playing on the playground they rode their bikes for a bit.


Jamie's Project 365 said...

Those are really great photos Donna! Oh man, I am not ready for the "f" word either!! *l*

Cyndisproject365 said...

I agree, it is not time for fall yet!!

Jessica said...

awesome pix Donna the last two of the boys are precious