Monday, April 30, 2012

Taraxacum a.k.a Dandelion

Today's post is on a weed.  Although it is a weed and is rather annoying to people who want a perfect lawn, this plant is pretty.  Have you ever looked close up at one.  It is amazing to see.  Unfortunately the photo that I wish to put on here to show you what I mean, isn't on this computer.  Actually not sure where it is.  Could be on my husbands computer or it is on my external hard drive that houses 90% of my photo's.

After dinner I went out to compose a photo but the wonderful New York weather changed my plans.  I only had a few moments before it started to rain on me.  So I took what I could and came in and played around with a few photo's.  Here is today's photo with a little added "highlights".

Upon reading about this plant, I discovered that it has more uses than just eating... Not that I enjoyed eating the greens as a child.  But their leaves are full of vitamins, their roots contain a drug that is used in treating the liver and you can make wine from the flowers.  Wonder what that tastes like.  Hope it doesn't taste like the greens...Their seeds are eaten by many birds.  Oh and it isn't a native plant here in the United States.  It came from Europe.

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