Thursday, April 26, 2012

Cub Scout Derby Race

Tonight was the derby race for our sons cub scout pack.  The boys made their cars pretty much by themselves,  they had very little help from anyone.  Overall they did a good job.   But there is only one winner and neither of them was that person.  At the end of the race it is heartbreaking to see all the young boys with their sad faces and some even crying because they didn't win. There were parents trying to console their boys but it really wasn't helping.  Telling them that they are winners for just competing.  Didn't really cut it in the boys eyes.  They see the big and shiny trophy and dream of taking it home with them only to have their dreams dashed.  But the boys took it better this year than last and are already planning on what they are going to do different next year.  Since only one boy out of 50 or so will win for having the fastest car, they are shifting their sights for one of the other trophy's...  fastest looking, most patriotic, or most original.  It would be nice if they could get their little block of pine a little sooner so they could be working on it and taking their time.  They waited so long to get going this time that the last coat of paint was going on three hours before it was time to be at the race for weigh in.  Next year things need to be done a bit different.

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