Saturday, March 6, 2010

Little Chick-a-dee

Spring is coming. I have a bunch of little birds at my feeder today. We have had so much snow over the past few weeks that the birds haven't been around much. I saw a cardinal this morning but by the time I got my camera and put the big lens on it, he flew away. I'm hoping that he knows the feeder is here and will be back. The blue jays haven't really been around either. I hear them but they aren't coming to the feeder. Not enough activity around it yet I guess. I'm waiting for the squirrel and chipmunks to find it. Once that happens, the seed will be gone in no time. I would like to grow sunflowers this year and harvest the seeds. Not sure how many I will need to be able to feed the birds all winter. Probably more than I am going to plant!

1 comment:

Sue said...

Did you remember that the chickadee is my favorite little bird? Such a pretty picture, you could print one off for someones birthday...hint